Adesivi per Cartone Pieghevole


Whether for wheel or nozzle application systems: EUKALIN special adhesives fulfil the highest requirements. UV-coated and PE-coated materials are both glued reliably and precisely. We also offer premium bonding for new materials and material connections.


Efficient adhesives for:

CheckWheel gumming systems
CheckExtrusion gumming systems


Special solutions for varied applications

CheckCorrugated board
CheckGrey board
CheckVarnished cardboard
CheckDispersion-varnished cardboard
CheckAluminium coatings
CheckInside PE-coatings
CheckUV-varnished materials
CheckAcetate laminates
CheckOPP laminates
CheckWindow patching


Synthetic resin dispersions from EUKALIN stand out by their particularly strong wet tack, so that optimal results are achieved in window patching by gummer/cliché application. Whether glassine, polystyrene or propylene, the films bond fast and precisely. The adhesives show good viscosity and gumbox stability as well as fast tacking. Thus, even the most varied material combinations will have excellent layflat quality. Our EUKALIN adhesives provide low slinging/throwing production, even at fast machine speeds.



Gummer/Cliché application adhesives at a glance:

PlusHighly precise glumming
PlusGood shear-stability
PlusStrong wet tack
PlusEasy cleanup of machine parts
PlusLow slinging/throwing production
PlusApproved for the manufacture of food packaging

Efficient adhesives for extrusion gumming at a glance:

PlusHigh precise glumming
PlusStrong wet tack
PlusAdjustable setting time
PlusClean tear-off
PlusLow-splatter and trouble-free production
PlusEasy cleanup of machine parts
PlusHigh yields
PlusHigh bonding strength


Flexible packaging is used in the food and non-food industries and consists of various materials or material combinations that require special adhesive formulations. As a result of our many years of experience and our state-of-the-art technology, we can provide customized gumming solutions that are adapted to your specific requirements, even with short lead times.


Flexible packaging adhesives at a glance:

PlusAdhesives adapted to the greatest variety of stock
PlusHigh seam strength
PlusLow in odor