Adesivi per buste


From coin-envelopes to liner-reinforced oversized open-end pockets, EUKALIN provides the most advanced adhesives for use on the greatest variety of paper, film and foil stock along the entire converting chain. Whether window patching, side seam and bottom seam or seal flap gumming, EUKALIN Special Adhesives assure precise and outstanding bonding and efficiency in your production.


Envelope and open-end pocket adhesives at a glance:

FenstereinklebungWindow patching
Seiten- und UnterklappenverklebungSide seam and bottom seam gumming
Verschlussklappen-GummierungSeal flap gumming


EUKALIN’s synthetic resin dispersions are distinguished by their particularly strong wet tack that assures optimal window patching results. Whether glassine, polystyrene, propylene or PET, the film bonds quickly and precisely. The EUKALIN adhesives we use in this application show excellent viscosity and gumbox stability and are fast-setting. The most varied material bonds will have excellent layflat quality. This assures low slinging/throwing and trouble-free production, even at high machine speeds.



Adhesives for window patching at a glance:

PlusPrecise bonding
PlusFor the greatest variety of stock
PlusStrong wet tack
PlusFast setting
PlusHigh viscosity and gumbox stability
PlusGood layflat
PlusLow slinging/throwing production
PlusHigh yields


EUKALIN’S synthetic resin dispersions for bottom and side seam gumming are characterized by very short setting times. You can thus rely on all your bonds to have excellent layflat quality. Even when using modern high-speed applicator systems, our adhesives support safe and clean low-slinging/throwing production. We thereby assure optimal results — a clear competitive advantage for you.



Adhesives for side seam and bottom seam gumming at a glance:

für Systeme mit Segment- und DüsenauftragFor systems with gummer/cliché extrusion application
PlusExcellent layflat
PlusHigh viscosity and gumbox stability
PlusPrecise bonding
PlusClean low slinging/throwing production


EUKALIN offers Special Adhesives for all seal flap gumming methods. Synthetic resin dispersions as well as dextrin-stabilized dispersions are available for pre-moist gumming. For the manufacture of pressure-sensitive products, we offer coldmelt as well as hotmelt adhesives. Premium latex adhesives for self-seal gumming round off our adhesive line.

All EUKALIN adhesives set very fast and assure secure bonds. The gumming remains functional even after extended storage. Finally, our low-maintenance seal-gum adhesives insure the most efficient production, even at high speeds.


Adhesives for seal flap gumming at a glance:

für Systeme mit Segment- und DüsenauftragHigh Bonding Strength
PlusLong-term sealgum integrity
PlusHigh tab resistance
PlusGood layflat
PlusClean processing
PlusEasy cleanup of machine parts
PlusHigh yields